About Us

About Us

What We Do

Aeroforge (formerly Air Spares) is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of tooling and ground support equipment in support of Boeing and Airbus fleets. The company specializes in the machining, fabrication and assembly of complex assemblies in accordance with customer proprietary data. A top exporter in the State of Washington, Aeroforge supports airlines, maintenance facilities and allied military customers in over 100 countries.

Our History

Aeroforge was founded in 1971 by former Western Airlines Executive, Don Brown. He found himself constantly dealing with a lack of availability of expendable aircraft parts. Don decided to solve this problem and left Western Airlines to establish Aeroforge. This problem solver mindset still runs strong in our culture today. Located outside of Seattle, Washington, the company is still family owned and operated after 3 generations. 

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

"To do things better than they ever have been done before in aviation maintenance industry"

Core Values

  • Deliver the "Wow"

           We exceed customer expectations

  • Self Employed Mentality

           This isn't just a J-O-B, we act like we own the place

  • Excellence in the Ordinary

           We are diligent in the little things

  • QBQ (Question behind the Question)

           We practice personal accountability

  • Team

           We are team members, not employees

  • Stewardship

           Responsibly plan and manage our resources

  • Grit

           Perseverance and passion for long-term goals

Careers at Aeroforge
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