A Mother and Her Three Sons Make Careers at Aeroforge a Family Affair

May 29, 2024

When Tina Scheerer was first hired at Aeroforge nearly 30 years ago, she had no idea what her future would hold. While hairstyles and music have certainly changed in that time, so have the products and services provided by Aeroforge.

Tina began her career with the company in accounting. Over the years, she has held a variety of positions and wears “many hats” as she puts in – helping with purchasing, planning, acting as a shop assistant and now company controller.

Tina recalls when she was a young mother, her sons would often visit her at work. It appears her sons are still doing that – now on payroll for the ground support tooling and manufacturing firm. Tina’s three sons Gabriel, Scott and Jordan all work for Aeroforge in different capacities and roles.

“I am so thankful for what this company has done for me and my family,” said Tina, recalling on her 30 years of service. “That is why I stay. We are a family.”

Tina’s son Gabriel is a mechanical assembler for Aeroforge. He is going to school to study Physics at Tacoma Community College while working. Gabriel says he has fond memories of visiting his mom at work, so pursuing a career in this industry was only natural.

Also in the family, Tina’s son Scott is a mechanical engineer and has worked for the company for 11 years. His very first job was at Aeroforge and he says he still enjoys what he does.

“It’s cool to see my mom and brothers as often as I get to,” says Scott. “We have the same work ethic, however I want to earn respect for what I have done – not be owed anything simply because of my mom.”  

Scott has certainly proved himself, as he has his mechanical engineering degree from Washington State University and says likes the hands-on environment his job provides.

And finally, her son Jordan is a service technician – working on various repairs, load testing and product calibration on the service floor. Jordan has worked for Aeroforge for 6 months and says his background in construction has proven incredibly helpful for the type of work he participates in now. He also says he enjoys the challenging aspect of his job and “solving a problem.”

Tina and her family are actively involved in their local church. She says her commitment to her team at Aeroforge is an expression of her love for her work and the people she gets to work with.

“At the end of the day, I’d rather have a few close friends I can count on – like the hardworking people at Aeroforge,” says Tina.

And to her and her boys, the entire team truly feels like one big family.

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