It's official! Aeroforge receives Boeing's 2022 Supply Chain Performance Achievement Award

March 4, 2024

After receiving a coveted nomination from Boeing earlier this summer for Supplier of the Year, we are honored to receive the program’s prestigious Supply Chain Performance Achievement Award (SCPA) for 2022.

Michelle and Teresa proudly display the Boeing SCPA award for 2022

The award demonstrates the company’s commitment to high-quality maintenance tooling while averaging a 99% average on time delivery score and quality rating. Boeing provides our team with the specifications for each build request, and we customize every tool to meet their specific needs. While many other manufactures produce thousands of the same exact product, we produce unique, custom tools that meet design specifications while adhering to sourcing requirements from around the world – on time and on budget. Aeroforge is one of 241 manufacturing suppliers from around the globe to be recognized for products and performance from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

“This award is validation for all the hard work that has gone into this process,” said Boeing Account Manager for Aeroforge Teresa Gartner. “It takes hard work and dedication by every team member to make this award happen. We are especially proud that Aeroforge has achieved this award now for three consecutive years.”

The future of Aeroforge for customized tooling is bright thanks to the exceptional team of individuals we have. This award represents the best in all of us who work to produce the very best in the aerospace industry and beyond – with no margin of error.

Team members pose outside the Aeroforge facility in Puyallup, Washington.

Aeroforge is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of tooling and ground support equipment in for Boeing and Airbus fleets. The company specializes in the machining, fabrication and assembly of complex assemblies in accordance with customer proprietary data. As a top exporter in Washington state, Aeroforge supports airlines, maintenance facilities and allied military customers in over 100 countries.

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